27 Apr 2015

Tessa Polder, the 16 years old middle blocker of National team of The Netherlands U19


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SportsOnAir.gr presents Tessa Polder, the 16 years old middle blocker of National team of The Netherlands, at CEV U-19 Women European Championship of 2014 !

by Maria Gioni

Tessa Polder is still a student at Hoge School of Arnhem Nijmwegen. She studies logistics en and Economy.

Her life is shared between volleyball training, studies, music and baking!


Tessa Polder, we want to welcome you to our site.

Have your dreams been fulfilled with your participation in U-19 Women 2014 European Championship in Volleyball?

We have trained the whole summer in order to become better but during the tournament we weren't as good as we expected. We were a little bit disappointed.



Tessa, how is your life at Holland? What is the worst and the best thing in Dutch’s behavior?

On a normal day I have to train twice a day. In the mid, I am going to my school. We are training 4 1/2 hours per day!
The worst regarding behavior in Holland is that we always complain about the weather! The best in our society is that everyone can express there his opinion.


Try to describe the life of a teenager, who studies and practice herself, in top level.

I think it is a difficult life because it is hard to train so much and manage to have free time too. I love going to festivals and do nice thinks with friends but I can't so often, because I have to train!



How would you answer to an offer to leave your country in order to play professional volleyball abroad?

I have to think about it because I still have to finish my studies. Definitely, I will miss my friends and my family a lot!


What are the places in the world you want to visit? Is Greece one of them?

I have been in Greece already but I really want to go to Australia or china!


What are your hobbies? Does a player of the National Team have time for other things except practice?

We don’t have a lot time but during my spare time I prefer to meet friends and baking cookies!


tessa polder

What are your plans for the future?

I have no plans for the future. I will see how it goes!


Tessa, thanks for your answers!


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